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Day of the Dead - skulls

Day of the Dead - skulls

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Sought after fantasy ideal for tailoring, curtains, bags and crafts.

This is a quality material for sewing, quilting, patchwork, bunting, pillows, it can be used for skirts, pants, dresses and so on and so forth !!!

Composition: 100% Cotton 

---------         ----------         -----------         ----------         ---------

How to place an order:

You can choose to buy one or more pre-cut pieces in the size of 50x65, 50x130 or you can buy by the meter.

inserting as quantity 1 in the 50x65 section you will receive a 50x65 piece
Entering the quantity 2 in the 50x65 section you will get 2 pieces 50x65
and so on…

inserting as quantity 1 in the 50x130 section you will receive one piece 50x130
Entering as quantity 2 in the section 50x130 you will get 2 pieces 50x130
and so on…

By purchasing by the meter, the desired size will be cut from the roll of fabric which is 130 cm wide. 
Then by selecting 1 (1 meter) in the "quantity" item you will get a 100x130cm large piece (one meter per 130cm)
selecting 2 you will get a large piece 200x130 cm
and so on…

If you have any doubts about it, do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal!